Where Are They Now

Where are they now?

If you graduated from FHS and have a pic to share of what you are doing now, email Mr. Tiesworth to share your story!

FEAS 2001 Alumnus and Grammy winner Andrew Dost.

FEAS 2016 Alumnus and Journeyman Electrician, Brandon Coxe

FEAS 2018 Alumnus and Media Specialist, Ezra Beehler

FEAS 2018 Alumna and Teacher of the year for the IPS Butler Lab School in Indianapolis, Madison Stefanski

FEAS 2011 Alumna, singer and song writer, Hannah Rae Beale

FEAS 2016 Alumna MacKenna Kelly - Central Michigan University Women's Basketball 2020 Academic All MAC Team

FEAS 2007 Alumna, published author, Brenna Stevenson Dilts