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Friday, November 16th - Title One Breakfast - 8:00 am

Thursday, November 22nd - Holiday Break/No School

Friday, November 23rd - Holiday Break/No School

Congrats to Mrs. Kittleson's and Mr. Jackson's classrooms for winning the boxtop waffle party! A new boxtop contest will start again soon!

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A student from Mr. Jackson's 3rd grade brought in a book for read-aloud, authored by her Grandmother, Valerie Winans. The story was told from Remington Beagle's point of view. Today we finished the story and got a special visit from the author and storyteller!

Ask your child about the GaGa Pit at Frankfort Elementary. The Elementary school was able to fund this through the use of funds from MSU Extension and Fuel Up To Play 60! This has become a student favorite at recess time!