Spectator Request Info

Beginning 2/15/21:

With the reopening of winter sports, Frankfort High School will have the opportunity to host events in the Frankfort High School gymnasium. Please read the following guidelines that apply to any competition hosted by Frankfort High School. These guidelines were developed to comply with the MHSAA and MDHHS orders and provide the safest possible venue for our spectators. These guidelines will be in effect beginning Monday, February 15.

1. Three spectators for each participant will be allowed to attend the event in the Frankfort High School Gymnasium. The event will not be open to the general public.

2. The three spectators per participant must be on the event pass list to attend.

3. The final list of spectators for the event will be printed at 3:00 p.m. the day of the event.

4. We ask that the three spectators for each participant sit together in a pod/group and have the group at least six feet away from other spectator groups when possible.

5. We recommend the three spectators from each school be adults. If any of the three spectators per participant are students or children, they must sit together with the other spectators in the family pod/group.

6. Information about how spectators are officially added will be provided to parents and participants.

7. Concessions will not be available and we ask that food or drink is not brought into the gym (a reason to take off mask).

Current spectator list. Scroll down to see additional sports.

Need to add, delete or change your list of spectators?

Email Mrs. Hollenbeck: khollenbeck@frankfort.k12.mi.us