Interact Club

Join us! We are looking for globally minded students willing to work and participate.

Any high school student is welcome!

The FHS Interact Club is selling $5 bracelets and $10 purses that are hand made by people in Nicaragua and Guatemala!

This fundraiser is through the Pulsera Project, which provides job opportunities and buys Pulseras from over 200 artists. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the artist that made them and give the artists an opportunity to be paid fairly, so they are able to afford to live. This fundraiser is super important so if you are able, please share this and spread awareness for these people in need!

We will be selling these bracelets through next week. This project has presented life changing opportunities for the artists involved, and heavily impacted the students involved as well. We are so honored to raise awareness for such an important cause. We will be posting more information about it soon! Please go to the Pulsera Project website to learn more!