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A Gift for a Sustainable Future:
Building the Foundation for Educational Excellence

Your support for the Frankfort-Elberta Education Foundation is an investment in the very heart of our community - our students and their educational journey. By choosing to contribute, you join a dedicated network of individuals who believe in the transformative power of education and the boundless potential of our youth.

By contributing to our endowment, you are not just giving today; you are investing in the limitless potential of tomorrow. Your support paves the way for a sustainable future where every student has access to enriching educational experiences and life-changing scholarships. With each donation, you help secure a lasting legacy of excellence, ensuring that generations to come will benefit from your commitment to educational excellence.

Our Goal: To raise $5 Million in Endowed Funds which will enable us to invest $200,000 EVERY YEAR in educational enhancements and scholarships

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Frankfort-Elberta Education Foundation

P.O. Box 1044

Frankfort, MI 49635


c/o Frankfort-Elberta Area Schools

Office of the Superintendent

534 11 th Street

Frankfort, MI 49635


Gift Stocks, Planned Gifts, Etc. For gifts of stocks, planned giving, etc., please contact Amy Schindler, or 231-590-8466

Empower Student Dreams:
Your donation fuels the dreams and aspirations of students across the Frankfort-Elberta School District, enabling them to access scholarships, innovative programs, and life-enriching experiences.

Help Shape the Future:
By contributing to our foundation, you play an active role in shaping the future of our community. Investing in education today creates a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow for all.

Supporting Local Talent:
Your generosity directly supports local students, ensuring that the talents and potential of our community's youth are nurtured and encouraged.

Honoring Tradition:
Carry forward the legacy of those who came before us, like Dorothy Hensel, by preserving our educational heritage and advancing the goals of excellence in our schools.

Community Impact: Your gift reverberates through our community, creating a positive ripple effect that enhances educational opportunities, inspires lifelong learning, and strengthens our shared future.

Potential Tax Benefits:
The Education Foundation is a 501c3 EIN 38-3006011. Please consult your tax advisor for any tax benefits your donation might have.

Join a Caring Community:
Be part of a supportive community of donors who share a common commitment to educational excellence and student success. Your donation, whether big or small, fuels the educational engine that propels our students forward, empowering them to achieve their highest potential. Join us in our mission to foster excellence in education, create lasting change, and inspire a brighter future for the Frankfort-Elberta community.