Technology Director:  Michael Tiesworth

231-352-4641 EXT 207

How to create a Parent Portal Account for PowerSchool

How to create a Parent Schoology Acct.

These two forms can be filled out once a PowerSchool Parent Portal account is created.  You can do this here.  Please email if you need any assistance with your child's AccessID and AccessPW used to connect your child to your account.  

All students must have a signed agreement before using a device.  Parents are also given the option to purchase insurance through the school at $25 per school year.  

Make a payment online at

Frankfort Elberta Area Schools prides itself on leading the way with technology integration and bringing meaningful purpose to its use in the classroom.  Children in grades K-1 share classroom sets of iPads.  Grades 2-3 share classroom sets of chromebooks, while students in grades 4-12 are issued a personal chromebook that they use both in school and at home.

Frankfort Elberta Area Schools takes student privacy very seriously.  We confirm that every software vendor that utilizes student data commits to the Pledge 2020 Initiative.