Early Childhood/Preschool

Committed to providing nurturing early learning experiences that form the foundation for children's educational journeys!

Early Childhood/Preschool 23-24 Calendar

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Making sure we provide children in our care with the best experience possible, is not only our job, it’s our privilege! For us, the ratings are an opportunity to share with the community the level of quality care offered.  

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Early Childhood Instructors

Little Critter Room 1

Phone:  (231) 352-7601 ext 331

Lead Teacher:  Haley Johnson

Assistant Teacher:  Jessica Jeluso

Email:  jjeluso@frankfort.k12.mi.us

Early Childhood Aide:  Laura Catterall

Fox Den Room 2

Phone:  (231) 352-7601 ext 319

Lead Teacher:  Britt Krolczyk

Email:  bkrolczyk@frankfort.k12.mi.us

Assistant Teacher:  Molly Swander

Assistant Teacher:  Emma MacKenzie

Email:  emckenzie@frankfort.k12.mi.us

Auroras Room 3

Phone:  (231) 352-7601 ext 326

Lead Teacher:  Kirsten Lambert

Email:  klambert@frankfort.k12.mi.us

Assistant Teacher:  Ashley Platt

Email:  aplatt@frankfort.k12.mi.us

Creative Explorers Room 4

Phone:  (231) 352-7601 ext 333

Lead Teacher:  Elizabeth Repp

Email:  erepp@frankfort.k12.mi.us

Assistant Teacher:  Alisa Elliott