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What We Fund:

At the Frankfort-Elberta Education Foundation, we are dedicated to enriching the educational experience for students across the Frankfort-Elberta School District. Through the generosity of our donors and the unwavering support of our community, we fund a range of initiatives designed to empower students of all ages. 

From scholarships that pave the way to higher education and vocational opportunities, to immersive field trips that expand their horizons, we invest in the future of our students. By funding innovative programs and special projects that might not otherwise be covered by local, state, or federal resources, we aim to foster a love for learning, encourage exploration, and inspire a lifelong commitment to education. We’ve grown in our ability to have an impact and, with your added generosity and support, we can go even further!

Title I Books, FHS Yearbook, Senior Trip to Washington D.C., Calculators, Amigo Carts, Science Project Kits, Wellness Workshop for Girls, Band and Music Equipment, Bay Area Adventure Program, High School Design Class Software, Writing Lab Equipment, Building Trades Tools, Classroom Globes, Field Trip to Interlochen, Odyssey Of The Mind Team, Music Department Speakers, Career Day, Platte River Outdoor Education, Camera for History Program, 5th Grade Technology Project, Field Trip with Inland Seas, Field Trip to Michigan’s Capitol, Lansing, Drama Program, Lakeside Shakespeare Project, After School Tutoring Program, Spanish Dance Costumes, Salmon Tank for Science Class, Weight Room Equipment, Shakespeare In The Park Program, Odyssey Of The Mind World Finals, Gateway Writing Project, AP High School Classes, Welding Equipment, Junior Class Trip to Chicago, Rotary Exchange Students, Instructional Leveled Book Collection for Teachers, 6th Grade Overnight Camp, Backpack For Kids Project, Band Saw for Shop Class, Equipment and Supplies for Ceramics Studio,, Benzie Community Mental Health Services, SRA Reading Program, FHS Newspaper, Aquaponics Building, Senior Night, Band Trip, Community Engagement Coordinator, Senior Class College and Career Support, MLK Day Assembly, 8th Grade Mackinac Island Field Trip, 7th -12th Grade Day of Service, Construction Club, Over $125,000 in Educational Enhancement Grants

Class of 1960, Dorothy Hensel Scholarship, Jim Buzzell Scholarship Over $60,000 in Scholarships

Our Goal:
To raise $5 Million in Endowed Funds which will enable us to invest $200,000 EVERY YEAR in educational enhancements and scholarships