Honoring Dorothy B Hensel:
A Legacy of Empowering Vocational Education

Dorothy Hensel's remarkable life was deeply intertwined with the rich history of the Frankfort-Elberta community. As the last heir in a lineage tracing back to Charles E. Bailey, the pioneering settler of the Benzonia area, Dorothy was deeply committed to preserving and sharing the stories that shaped our region. She embodied the spirit of local history as the founder of the Benzie Area Historical Society, leaving an indelible mark on the community she cherished.

In her lasting generosity, Dorothy Hensel secured her legacy by establishing the Dorothy Hensel Vocational Scholarship through a planned gift in her will. Her dedication to education lives on through this scholarship, which offers a transformative opportunity to 3-4 graduating seniors each year. These students, who are pursuing trade or vocational school education, benefit from a 2-year scholarship that opens doors to fulfilling careers and a brighter future.

Dorothy's connection to the Frankfort-Elberta Area Schools, where she herself graduated in 1926, underscores her deep-rooted commitment to the educational growth and prosperity of our students. Her memory continues to inspire us all as we support the aspirations of future generations, following in her footsteps toward a path of success and fulfillment.

Celebrating Excellence:
Past Dorothy Hensel Scholarship Recipients

Explore the outstanding individuals who have been recipients of the Dorothy Hensel Vocational Scholarship in previous years. These exceptional students embody the values of hard work and commitment to their vocational paths. Join us in celebrating their remarkable achievements.

2024: Kylee Harris (Hygienist), Mary-Katherine MacRae (Nursing), Elle Rommell (Boat Captain and Radiology Technician), Aiden Sweeney (Electrician), Samantha Tester (Nursing)

2023:Kade Rosum (Electrical), Xander Sauer (Automotive), Adreena Swain (Cosmetology), Anthony West (Culinary)

2022: Griffen Anderson (Engineering Technology), Jared Coxe (HVAC), Logan Foster (Illustration), Mikhaela Reid-Lovely (Culinary)

2021: No applicants

2020: Tyler Beitel, Hannah Somero

2019: Zoe Beehler, Brook Dall, Clay Myers, Sydney Sheaks

2018: Alyssa Dawe, Emma Kelly, Cody Lamerson

2017: Tatyana Atwater, Delayna Gatrell, Tyler Gilbert, Marissa Moore, Austin Soto

2016: Ethan Mills, Hannah Nostrandt, Isabella Putney

2015: Autumn Catteral, Tristen Gleason, Julie Lowe, Brienne Luxford 

2014: Autumn Catteral, Mandy Edinger

2013: Autumn Catteral, Bradley Pressnell, Kolby Spencley

2012: Shayla Aldridge, Tammi Bankston, Lucas Evans, Emily Swander 

2011: Emma Fitzhugh, Allison May, Allison Popp

2010: Jessica Meek, Melinda Smith, Connor Willoughby

2009: Ashley Barnes, Jamie Sneed, Ashley Tooley, Connor Willoughby

2008: Abby Gilbert

Class of 1960 Scholarship:
A Class Legacy

2016: Levi Hubbard, Megan Kubit, Kaelyn Koenig

2015: Gabriel Huffman, Merren Garber, Maggie MacGirr

2014: Allison Evans, Tristen Gleason, Kennedy MacGirr, Nolan Nye, Sophie Nye, Zachary Paris


2012: Bailey, Joe Nugent

2011: Emma Fitzhugh, Alex Hallan

2010: Mark Gokey, Melinda Smith

2009: Delaney Eubank, Christina Wills

2008: Aaron Wills

2007: Corrine Chandler, Kris Snyder

Honoring Jim Buzzell:
A Living Legacy of Dedication to Education and Character

The James Buzzell scholarship was created to recognize the legacy and positive impact that James Buzzell, AKA “Coach”, has had on Frankfort Schools, its students and the community. Jim dedicated 30 years to Frankfort High School as a teacher and coach of many sports. His Panther passion and love of community has continued on in his retirement as a volunteer at the school and in many other organizations. He was a founding and long-time member of the Frankfort-Elberta Area Schools Educational Foundation because he wanted to ensure that the school had what it needed to continue offering students opportunities for growth inside and outside the classroom. 

Jim’s legacy is characterized by quiet acts of kindness, encouragement of others, grit, fun, community service, Panther Pride, faith and family. 

The John Brunner family kicked off this scholarship fund in 2021 with a four-year commitment of $2,500 per year and a $10,000 donation to establish an endowment. The Frankfort-Elberta Area Schools Educational Foundation will continue the scholarship through fundraising efforts to build the endowment so that a scholarship honoring Coach can be a lasting legacy.

SCHOLARSHIP DETAILS: Each year, one Frankfort High School graduate who best exemplifies Coach’s characteristics will be awarded this scholarship. This is a one-time, $2,500 scholarship but can be used at any point within four years of graduating from FHS. 

Recipients are nominated by their peers in the senior class based on the following qualifications:

Celebrating Character and Leadership:
Past Jim Buzzell Scholarship Recipients

2024: Adam Townsend (Cornerstone)

2023: Elli Tiesworth (Northland College)

2022: Adam Mills (Albion College)

2021: Clover Roeter (NMC)

Honoring Wayne Edwards:
A Legacy of Hard Work and Perseverance 

Wayne Edwards was born and raised in Elberta, Michigan. He walked to Frankfort every day for school because they had a stronger program to help get young adults ready for college. He worked several jobs to raise enough money to attend college. He obtained an engineering degree from Michigan State University which provided an excellent living for his family. The strong ties to and love of Frankfort has continued through generations of the Edwards family so, in 2024, they started the Edwards Family Scholarship Fund with a $100,000 endowment commitment

Scholarship Details: The Recipient of the scholarship will be chosen by the Edwards family and will exemplify the following characteristics:

1. Hard Working

2. Goal Oriented

3. Team Player

4. Financial Need

They will provide one student with a scholarship for his/her first year of college, mentor him/her and, if they have a successful year at college, renew the scholarship for up to three additional years.

Celebrating Grit:

Edwards Family Scholarship Recipients

2024: Lily Phillips