FEAS Strategic Plan and Process

The first step to the process was to gather information through various focus groups. Parents (randomly selected), students and staff took part in focus groups facilitated by Matt Olson and Cathy Meyer from Northwest Education Services (formerly TBAISD). Matt and Cathy have a wealth of experience in the area of strategic planning and school improvement. 

The focus meetings took place Tuesday, November 15 with participants completing a survey and then asked to share their thoughts, ideas and hopes for Frankfort-Elberta Area Schools. Information from this discussion will provide guidelines for a community survey. 

This is a multi-step process that will result in the Frankfort-Elberta School Board adopting a strategic plan in July of 2023. The next steps of the process are: 

Cathy Meyer and Matt Olson to review the focus group surveys, parent comments and suggestions from the November 15 meetings 

Creation of survey questions from focus group discussions along with other data points that will help with the development of the strategic plan document 

Survey distributed to the public for access.  Here is the direct link to this survey!

Survey results presented to school board members at a regular school board meeting 

School board workshop to take a deeper dive into the survey results 

School board retreat to write the strategic plan - Took place on 6/14 and 6/21.

Adoption of the strategic plan by the FEAS School Board 

If you have any questions, please reach out to me by email at jtousley@frankfort.k12.mi.us or by phone at 231-352-4641.    Jeff Tousley, FEAS Superintendent